Christmas Lights for Decorations on X’mas

December 15, 2014

Story Behind Christmas Lights

Christmas lights mostly used for decoration christmas tree, street & building on christmas occasion. In 18th century upper class people start decorating christmas tree with candles & later in 20th century it replaced by electric powered lights. Now variety of lights used for decorations in Christmas occasion. Also decoration tree, street & building is being adopted by non-western country like japan & hongkong. Also christmas food & cookies are great to eat in special occasion like this.

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Christmas Lights for Decoration


Now many technology used for building this christmas lights. In US these lights are called as twinkle lights, holiday lights & mini lights, In UK called as fairy lights with stand used for decoration of home, office etc.

Many other ways are accepted to lighting & decorating home with lights. Firework is one of them to lighting on sky. Also christmas light sculptures are made for lighting & decorating on holiday & christmas eve.

Types of Christmas Lights

There are many type of christmas lights for decoration like c7, c9, indoor, outdoor, incandescent, LED etc which are described below

C7 and C9 Christmas Lights

These two type of lights are much popular in 20th half, still it have market but not like this time. C7 and C9 refer to size of image, C7 lights are 2 inches long, c9 lights are 3 inches long. These lights have better brightness & last for long. These lights may be unsafe for indoor use.

C7 C9 Christmas Lights for Decoration

C7 C9 Christmas Lights for Decoration


Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Lights

Many light which are only for outdoor only these may cause a lot problem if used indoor, those are indoor only they are not capable of lighting more are than room area.

Christmas Incandescent Lights


Incandescent Christmas Lights

These incandescent lights are known as mini lights which is connected through a string holding ore than 400-600 bulb, these bulb are smaller than C7 & C9. These lights are less brighter, frustration for long time.

LED Christmas Lights

LED lights are new to Christmas celebration in 21st century after C7 & C9.

Lighted Tree Light

This tree light create using rope lights & patio lights etc. Using these lights a tree shape light created to place outside home.


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